On this page you will find tricks and tips on how to fancy up your hair with our accessories !

  1. QUICK TIP : This message is addressed to you lady « Curly » who is looking for solutions to keep sculptural curls and has tested all the products in the world ! What if I told you that we have a solution for you ? Just like magic !

    Everything started on a beautiful sunny day in December, a customer with beautiful curly hair walks in our shop. Amazed by our jewels, and a little bit by us, she wanted to give us a kiss, uh I’m losing track here… Let’s get back to business, because your life is about to change Curly ladies…

    This charming American gave us her secrets to keep her curls all year long !!! Fantastic isn’t it ? Today we are revealing everything… grab your tablets, pencils and papers :

    1: Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Line (use cream & gel), this product is an ultimate regimen for frizz-free, defined curls— in any climate.
    2: DevaCurl (use gel & conditioner), this product will solve your styling issues if you’re look for soft, defined, plumped curls.
    3. Shea Moisture Leave - in Jamaican, (use castor oil / masque), this product is magic for those curls.


2. QUICK TIP : SOS Bad hair day hello !
For hair types that unfortunately look like chopsticks after brushing them and where an ounce of volume has never existed… (uh hello, is anybody hair ?)
For hair types with super roots but super dead ends… No worries, we’re here to save you and we have super easy tips for you to apply urgently!

Step 1 – Let’s start off by treating your hair’s texture with a magic spray that will bring your hair back to life, pretty cool right ? I’m sure you all have heard of dry shampoo, but have you tried Obie’s dry texturizing shampoo ? Not yet ?
Come on ! Our favorite hairstylist Mr. Olivier Lebrun recommends it, and the only thing left for us to do is to curtsey.

Step 2 – We’ll add to this beauty routine, a long comb like the Gaëlle comb we offer whose 36 teeth (36 yes, yes we counted twice) will guarantee great volume and a great fit ! Isn’t it beautiful ? All of these life saving tips discovered from your sofa… Could you ask for anything else?

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 4.32.31 PM.png

3. QUICK TIP :  Since when hair accessories were created for long hair ? Here’s a funny all made up idea !
Ladies, those of you who believe this… here is a little (big) spank ! Short hair is sexy and we have no doubt it will be even sexier with headbands to highlight and structure your face, and with hair pins to create all the amazing half updos. Our goal is to make you look fabulous so please try it, actually no…you WILL try it out. Here are three more tips, just for the sake of it :
Our Gaëlle collection with its 1930’s vibes, will look (with no doubt) gorgeous. Looking for volume ? Try our Vanessa silk headband, for a stylish effect add the Annouck  small hair clip. Gorgeous, glamorous, fabulous… Help, I’m running out of words here.

Convinced yet ?


4. QUICK TIP : So we, Les Cerises de Mars, are a hair accessory brand which means that we love them, pamper them, spoil them…We are happy to announce that today we will give you mini tips (quite basic I must say, but super duper effective).
An Indian proverb says : « what you give to your body, he will return to you. » I have to say, not really being bilingual in hindu makes it a little harder, but let’s get back to it. Here is how we look at things :
Nourish yourself well, and your hair will shine like the brightest stars in the sky… how poetic.
Eat lots of fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel… they are your true friends). Nuts are your buddies as well.
For the craziiiiiiiiest ladies out here, try applying some coconut and almond oil on your hair. Let it sit for a whole night, once or twice a week. You will start seing results after a few weeks only, this cocktail will be absolutely fa-bu-lous !

Here is a quick and simple idea to look chic and elegant without having to spend hours on your hairstyle. The Gaëlle headband will bring a touch of femininity to your outfits.


But yes to hair pins and hair clips ! This quick tutorial will show you how easy hair pins and hair clips are to use. You will never need to use a rubber band again… YES!


Are you saying you have tried everything? Not quite yet! Thanks to our lovely combs, you will finally be able to rock the thick hair aspect you always wished for !  

Having a bad hair day? No worries! Any of our headbands will do the trick, quick and easy! Chic, bohemian, and casual, our headbands and turbans will suit every hair type perfectly !


We are about to share a fabulous hair solution…

Capture d’écran 2018-12-06 à 16.33.22.png


Our products are all packed in a minimalist and classic "Les Cerises de Mars" cardboard box. Upstream, the jewelry itself is preserved in a natural cotton pouch.